Long time no see

It’s been a while, and sometimes that’s just what life looks like.

But I’m here again and hopefully, I will find my way back to the joys of writing. Of letting my mind spill out in chaos or logic or curiosity or amazement or whatever else that’s bubbling in my head.

Words just don’t come from my head, they come as much from my heart and soul, and maybe those words are a bit clearer and rawer than the words that the mind lets out.

Personally, I feel that my mind is stricter and more linear than my heart and soul, just as it should be. But I don’t compartmentalize the words, I let my own holy trinity work together, blend and find a balance. That’s my path, the one I have chosen to wander. It meanders, it’s got hills and valleys and roses and thorns. It’s just perfect.

Now, when you add some ADD to that path you can be sure of a long and winding road. With new experiences and new things to learn and old patterns to discard and that’s my life. I have strayed from my path, I have been pulled from my path and I have lost sight of my path so many times during my life, but for now, I’m back on it. Let’s see how long it will last.

Let’s go!