Essential oils

Please don’t worry, I’m not part of any oily MLMs, I buy my oils from different shops and websites, and I use various brands.

I have been a fan of essential oils since the 90s but it’s only recently that I’ve stepped up my game and started to make roller blends. If you haven’t guessed already, I never had FOMO.

I’d been curious for a while and back in May, I stumbled over an Instagram post regarding a “Roller workshop” at a reasonable price in my local vicinity. So I thought “well why the heck not” and booked myself in. At the time of booking, and for the first 10 minutes of the workshop, it wasn’t obvious (to me at least) that it was a sales pitch for an EO MLM. One of my talents is that I can play it dumb when needed, so I did. To be honest, none of the participants was under any obligation to buy or sign up for anything, that credit has to be stated.

I did find it interesting, the two ladies in charge seemed to know their way around blends and uses, and none of them were pushy for us to spend hundreds of dollars there and then.

I made three rollers that evening (and I took a picture of different blends with my mobile phone for future reference) which I named Peace, Calm and Breathe. Simply because they had stickers with those words that seemed to fit the purpose of the blends. You have got to keep it simple, real and basic.

The one named Calm works wonders for my insomnia and I use Breathe during meditation. Peace is my go-to when I am working from home and have to sign on to a digital meeting. Not a big fan of digital meetings I must admit.

A few days later I went to one of our local health stores that sells essential oils and bought a few more. As you do. The blend I did that day doesn’t have a name, just the feminine symbol drawn on the lid, the hope is that it will help me through menopause. So far it has increased my hot flushes, or maybe those are due to the heatwaves sweeping Europe this summer.

Dried petals from the roses my eldest son gave me for Mothers Day, a lovely addition to the roller bottles.

I have since made a calming and focusing roller for my son and his ADHD, unfortunately, I didn’t write down which oils I used. Hopefully, I can put that down as a rookie mistake. I have also made a Release blend and a Digestive Aid blend. I did a blend for Travel Sickness before I went on holiday, it didn’t do much but I have since then used it as a bug and mosquito repellent, so it’s still a win.

Anyway, are you into essential oils and blends? Feel free to give me your best blend suggestions. I love to learn more.

Long time no see

It’s been a while, and sometimes that’s just what life looks like.

But I’m here again and hopefully, I will find my way back to the joys of writing. Of letting my mind spill out in chaos or logic or curiosity or amazement or whatever else that’s bubbling in my head.

Words just don’t come from my head, they come as much from my heart and soul, and maybe those words are a bit clearer and rawer than the words that the mind lets out.

Personally, I feel that my mind is stricter and more linear than my heart and soul, just as it should be. But I don’t compartmentalize the words, I let my own holy trinity work together, blend and find a balance. That’s my path, the one I have chosen to wander. It meanders, it’s got hills and valleys and roses and thorns. It’s just perfect.

Now, when you add some ADD to that path you can be sure of a long and winding road. With new experiences and new things to learn and old patterns to discard and that’s my life. I have strayed from my path, I have been pulled from my path and I have lost sight of my path so many times during my life, but for now, I’m back on it. Let’s see how long it will last.

Let’s go!

About Catarina

I kept a diary for most of my life, I got my very first one for Christmas when I was seven years old. I first started blogging on a Swedish platform back in 2006, my kids were young and it was mainly family stuff. I gave it up around 2012, mainly because my life had changed and I didn’t have time to produce readable content.

I had a brief stint in 2016 but for all the wrong reasons.

So, third time is a charm or how does the saying go? This is me and my life journey right now. My beautiful boys has grown up to fantastic young men, and I have a new, and pretty fantastic, freedom to live my life just as I want it. This will be reflected in this blog. I hope to see you around and please don’t be too shy to drop a comment.